Seven Steps to Overcome Loneliness: Step 1: Accepting and Allowing the Loneliness 上載日期: 2012-06-04

嘉賓 Dr. Margaret Taplin
主持 Eva Yuen

Dr. Margaret Taplin is an educational consultant and teacher educator and divides her time between living in Australia, Hong Kong and India. She is very interested in the concept of holistic health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and manages professional development programmes in Hong Kong and Mainland China to show teachers strategies for developing their own full potentials and those of their students, so that they can become fully-developed, healthy and happy individuals contributing healthily to society. In her own journey towards achieving this kind of balance she has experienced many highs and lows, joys and pains, challenges and insights, and she enjoys writing to share with others what she has learned from these experiences.
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Step 2: Forgiving and Letting Go
Step 3: When Loneliness has Run its Course: Filling the Gap by Looking Within
Step 4: Creating an Abundance of Love
Step 5: Using Your Loneliness as a Way to Grow
Step 6: Utilizing Your Strengths and Talents for the Good of Others
Step 7: Making Your Own Choices About How You Feel
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