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嘉賓 Dr. Margaret Taplin
主持 Eva Yuen

If you would like to read more about Dr. Margaret Taplin 's book (Freedom from Loneliness), please send a $3.7 self-addressed stamped envelop to 2 Wong Chuk Hang Path, Wong Chuk Hang Complex(Attention to Radio i Care Freedom from Loneliness) The quota is only 50. 如果想知道更多有關Dr. Margaret Taplin所注作的書(Freedom from Loneliness),請附上一個貼有$3.7郵票的回郵信封,寄往香港黃竹坑徑2號 東華三院黃竹坑服務綜合大樓。信封面請注明:友心情網上電台 Freedom from Loneliness. 名額50名,先到先得,送完即止。
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Seven Steps to Overcome Loneliness: Step 1: Accepting and Allowing the Loneliness
Step 2: Forgiving and Letting Go
Step 3: When Loneliness has Run its Course: Filling the Gap by Looking Within
Step 4: Creating an Abundance of Love
Step 5: Using Your Loneliness as a Way to Grow
Step 6: Utilizing Your Strengths and Talents for the Good of Others
Step 7: Making Your Own Choices About How You Feel
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